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July 25, 2021

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Moving To New York

Any move is a huge change and takes many adjustments before you become settled in your new home. However, moving to New York may be an even bigger change than most people are expecting. There are many considerations to make before deciding to make a move, including job, finances, driving, living arrangements, and how you will adapt to the sounds and schedule of the city.

Do You Have a Job There?

Living in New York is more expensive than many other locations, so it is necessary to not only ensure that you have a job but that the job you will have pays enough to support the increased cost of living. Therefore, when preparing to move, it may be valuable to apply for jobs and ensure that you have researched the average pay for the positions that you are applying for. 

Are You Financially Prepared?

Considering your financial preparation for the move, it is necessary to address both the cost of the move and the cost of living. Moving is an expensive task and requires supplies, a moving van or trailer, and either a NYC moving company or friends and family to help move your belongings. Alternatively, you can sell your furniture and most of your belongings and buy new things when you arrive, but as many things will be more expensive to replace than to move, hiring a moving company can be more efficient.


Get estimates from a couple of companies and budget for total moving costs, first and last month’s rent, and any security deposits for an apartment as well as utilities. Research what utility and food costs are in the area you are looking at to adjust your budget. Finally, create an entire monthly or yearly budget based upon your estimated income and expenses and consider realistically maintaining the standard of living you need in New York. 

Do You Drive and Own a Car?

Most people in the city do not drive due to high expenses and difficult parking situations. It can be extremely costly to have a car in New York, and it can often take longer to drive somewhere than to take public transportation. If you do not drive, this will be an easy consideration, you can consider selling your car and using the money for the move, but if you are reliant on your vehicle and not prepared to change, you may want to reconsider.

How/Where Will You Live?

Apartments are expensive and can be very difficult to find, so before making a move, ensure that you will be able to locate and afford an apartment. Consider having roommates to lower the cost and how you will afford the monthly expenses, including eating out and transportation.

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Sounds of the City

New York is well known for being active almost around the clock, with someone always being awake somewhere. It is also very busy with some activities available almost all the time. This may be overwhelming for people who are used to quiet and a slow-paced town or city, but others will thrive in this environment and be glad to make the necessary adjustments. 


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