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November 15, 2021

6 Email Design Ideas for a Festive Holiday Season

Are you a business owner looking forward to a festive season to enhance sales with attractive offers? Then, you should explore email marketing effectively and reach out to potential customers who mostly wait for the season to purchase at discounts. Or, there may be some new line of products that your business offers and want to convey through emails. But only a unique email design idea can drive your customers’ attention and impress them to buy. 

Email design has evolved a lot over the years from a simple reach-out tool to a modern marketing one with some vital interactive features to convert. During a festive season, it is more important to impress the readers about the urgency of an offer. So, make sure that your email design has some features that people respond to well. 

Here are some email design ideas you should explore during festive seasons to entice your target customers.     

Use geometric shapes 

An email is no longer just about sending a message to the recipient. It has evolved from a simple template to the modern one, comprising many crucial elements to showcase a brand personality. Email designers have experimented a lot to make emails a potent medium to communicate more than a message. 

The use of geometrical shapes is amongst the most sought-after trend when it comes to creating email designs. There is a vast scope for trying different shapes to see which ones help an email design and its message stand out to make a lasting impression on the reader. 

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All major types of geometrical shapes in an email design convey a message and evoke an intended emotion. 

Here is what the shapes represent in a design:

  • Circles – Since circles do not have a beginning and end, they represent the flow. So, in an email design, the use of a circle can indicate many things such as eternity, mystery, majesty, and universe. 
  • Triangle – Triangles deliver a message of excitement, risk, movement, stability, and direction especially when used to create a logo and email designs. 
  • Square and rectangles– Squares and rectangles are popular shapes with the designers to denote security, courage, reliability, durability, and discipline. The right angles and straight lines of these shapes evoke the feeling of safety and dependability. 

You can insert a cartoonish image inside these shapes to further illustrate your message. Or, let the shapes be there simply in varied colors to decorate the vacant email space. 

Purpose of geometrical shapes 

Give directional cues – These shapes give directional cues to the viewers in an email design. Most importantly, the shapes lead to the CTA, which is the action an emailer wants the reader or customers to take. 

Highlight a section – Email designers use shapes to highlight or segment a vital part of the content. In this way, you can also make a lengthy email message reading less stressful on the eyes. 

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Enhance a message – Along with colors, the shapes enhance your message to the readers or your target customers. The shapes also represent a company’s intention behind an email.

Apply bold typography 

Festivals are about happiness and enjoyment, which leads you to do things on a larger scale. To reflect the mood, email designers mainly use typography, and they usually incorporate bold typography. 

Highlight an enticing offer 

For festive seasons, you should use big and bold typography to send your message of an enticing offer of discounts, etc., to the customers. Big and bold typography makes your email message strong due to the emphasis it creates. The text is usually tiny, but when enlarged in the space of an email, it becomes impressive. This means that if there is a festive offer of a discount on a product, your bold typography will make it visible instantly and highlight the urgency to go for it. 

Bold typography has gained momentum as a trend, mainly as a surefire way to catch the readers’ attention and compel them to take the desired action. That prompts your readers to visit the business website or do whatever you want them to do. 

Consider brand personality 

However, bold typefaces during festive seasons do not mean that there is no need to pick them up carefully. You must first take into account your brand personality and the values it stands for. Then, see which typeface best represents the brand. It is better to use a typeface that you have already been using for your marketing campaign, as this ensures design consistency so that readers can trust the message.  

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Typography primarily gives personality to a design. So, you should choose fonts such as sans and sans-serif and other handwritten, etc., to tell if the brand personality is formal or non-formal, serious or fun. Similarly, your email design with the right typography can speak well for your brand and help in visualizing its festive message. 

Talking about your brand personality, do not forget to sign your email in the end. Your signature should look professional to encourage people to visit your festive offerings site. It would be good to use an email signature generator tool to understand how a professional signature looks like. 

Add interactive elements 

As a business owner, you would like to take maximum advantage of people’s mood for spending money and buying products. Therefore, your email designs should involve the readers and potential customers with the message. For this purpose, incorporate interactive elements to engage your potential customers with the message actively. 

Click-based actions

A time-proven way to make emails interactive is to put eye-catching small click-based actions at different places in the body text. For example, while going through the compelling message, your readers will click on the links to visit your website for festive offers. Put a few such actionable clicks strategically across the email space from top to bottom.   

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Playful quizzes 

You can also make good use of playful quizzes. Since everyone likes quizzes for some fun activity, it is a surefire way to engage readers with the message for a bit more time. That is often enough to make a customer visit the intended site. 


The carousel is the most modern interactive feature that email designers are using for customer engagement. This impressive tool lets the email recipient click on the button to transit from one slide to another for information. So, your interactive carousel helps customers focus on your festive offer and then move to the other slide for the details. The carousel can show slides automatically, or customers can click on the button to proceed to the other slides. 

Get a hover effect 

Hover effects are another interesting modern features that email designs comprise to create interactive messages during festive seasons and otherwise. A hover effect, for example, highlights a link when the reader hovers the cursor over a picture to attain a variety of effects. For instance, hovering will highlight the link to your site link. 

You have various hover effects to add to your email, depending on the content to highlight. Here are some of the impacts you can try:  

Text – A hover effect can change text color, underline it, or create drop shadows. 

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Motion effect – You can also add some motion to cause some text to pop up when hovering over it.

Background colors – This hover effect will change the background colors of your bulletproof call-to-action buttons. 

Background images – You can swap out background images with the hover effect.  

Fades – On putting the cursor, a picture will fade, which gives the reader control over the opacity of text, tables, images, etc. 

Use animated GIFs 

An animated GIF in your email is a fun way to make your festive offer appear even more exciting and enticing. When you tell a story using visuals, an animated motion brings a sense of aliveness. You can use GIFs for festive seasons in your emails, just like other simple images. 

With GIFs, you can highlight a product as it is an effective way to draw attention. Or use a GIF to explain a process through a series of static images. You can also show your customers’ testimonials one after another quickly. 

Here is what to consider when adding animated GIFs to your email:

  • Know the purpose – Make sure you know the objective of adding a GIF to your email message. Use GIFs only when you have a story to tell, and the animation should be a part of the storytelling. You will then pick typography, images, and colors that help you deliver the story and its message. 
  • Draw attention to your CTA – An effective GIF in an email design is the one that leads to the CTA. So create it in such a way that the animation steps finish at the CTA button. Also, ensure that the entire image is linked to your landing page of the festive offers. 
  • Give your message right away –  Customers should get your festive offer message right in the first frame of the animated GIF. Or, create a top side of the frame static and rest of the body in animation. In such ways, your core message will still be visible if an email client does not support the movement. 
  • Keep GIF size small – An oversized GIF file can slow your animation movement, and it may also eat up data. So, consider a GIF size of under 200-250 KB. To do that, avoid frames to make the animation simple. Consider using only one or two colors and animating only a part of the picture.
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Represent global concerns 

People appreciate it if an email addresses some global issues that impact everyone. For instance, rising pollution levels, human rights violations, food security, etc., are worrisome even to those not suffering directly from such concerns. 

Although a festive season is usually not an occasion to bother people with global issues, still, a word about a burning topic will showcase your brand as a human. You should insert such concerns in your festive message in one or two lines. 

In the present world, businesses cannot depend on marketing only to win customers’ loyalty. People love to be with a brand that helps strengthen their voice through public dialogue. So, if there is some issue that people are presently fighting out, then let your email marketing platform be a platform. 

So, follow these tips to design your email message effectively for your festive target audience. 


Festival season is a huge business opportunity to increase sales manifold. This is also the time when you can launch an email campaign to promote your enticing discounts and other offers. But make sure that your emails use some great ideas such as geometric shapes, bold typography, animation GIFs, interactive elements, and hover effects. Show also your concern about the global issue of the day, if any. 

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