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August 9, 2021

Best Hybrid event platform to host Hybrid event

Hybrid events are expected to take over the global event industry soon. Similarly, like the virtual events did during the last year. And the reasons for this are several. Firstly we can see the return of physical events. And the growing popularity of digital events among the event organisers. The digital event provides convenience to the attendees that are simply missing in the live events. So we can safely say that hybrid events will replace plain physical events. 

Apart from this, hybrid events are also cost-effective and more eco-friendly. This gives the event organisers more reasons to switch to Hybrid events from physical events. But what exactly are Hybrid events?


Understanding Hybrid events

Hybrid events merge physical and virtual events. And the product of this merger is an event that offers the best of both the world. This event allows face-to-face communication and the convenience of attending the event virtually at the same time. This is something not possible with a virtual or physical event. In other words, we can say that hybrid events are those live events that can be accessed by a virtual audience also.  


One can host a hybrid event using a hybrid event platform or hybrid event software. However, the technology behind the hybrid event and virtual event are the same. It means that you can use a virtual event platform or virtual event software to host a hybrid event. Not only this, but the flexibility of hosting any kind of event is also present in hybrid event technology. As a result, you can host a broad range of events. 


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Types of Hybrid events 

Now that you know that you can host almost any event hybrid, you only have to worry about the ideas for your event. And it may be possible that you may run out of ideas for your hybrid event. But the technology will always allow you to host all your events hybrid. 

Here are some of the most common forms of hybrid events that are organised worldwide. 

  • Hybrid AGM
  • Hybrid exhibitions
  • Hybrid product launches
  • Hybrid trade shows
  • Hybrid conferences
  • Hybrid award shows
  • Hybrid town halls
  • Hybrid career/job fair

And so on. These are only a few forms of hybrid events. The more you read about Hybrid events the more event forms you will come across. So you don’t need to worry about your event being not supported by hybrid event technology. 

Talking about hybrid event technology. To host a successful hybrid event, you need to have the right platform for your event. But how can you get the right hybrid event platform for your event? Let’s find out. 


Best hybrid event platform to host a hybrid event

To find the right platform for your event, you can follow these steps. You can begin by creating a list of the features and services needed for your event. The next step is comparing this list with various platforms. And the platform that satisfies all the needs of your event is the best platform for your event. However, apart from this, you need to look for other things also. These are-

  1. Interface and navigation
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The interface acts as the bridge between the event and the virtual audience. So the virtual audience in the event depends upon the interface of the hybrid event platform. So the interface of the platform must be fast and responsive for a smooth experience

Apart from this, the interface needs to be clutter-free and easy to understand. If the interface is sophisticated or confusing. Then the attendee’s experience will be affected negatively. They may not be able to navigate through the event. And will become frustrated. As a result, they may leave the event. 


  1. Attendee engagement feature 

It is easy to engage the physical audience since you are present at the event. But how can you engage the audiences who are not present physically at the event? And that is where the platform will come to your rescue. 

Many hybrid event platforms offer features that are dedicated to audience engagement. But you need to check these features while getting the platform. Try to select that platform that offers maximum features. We recommend features like Gamification, Leaderboard, Social Wall and AR Photobooth. But you can get more features for your event. 


  1. Tools for networking

Networking is one of the most essential aspects of digital events. And the attendees have high hopes with digital events to find new contacts. So you need to use this demand in your own favour. And for this also, you need to use your platform. 

Since you are hosting a hybrid event, it is highly advised to connect the both live and virtual audience. It will increase the interaction and networking opportunities at your event. For this, you can provide the option of live chatting. It can be text, audio or video-based. Or else you can provide support for third-party apps like WhatsApp and Zoom. 

Some popular networking tools are AI Matchmaking, Networking lounges and B2B Meeting scheduler. These tools make networking fast and effective. Also, connect the attendees with the most relevant people in the event. 


  1. Security measures
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These days, the security of data and privacy in the digital world is a significant concern. And many NGOs and organisations are working to raise awareness for the same. So you should address this issue. But how can you contribute? 

The answer is simple. You can select the platform for your event that has various security measures. To begin with, it should corporate the 2-step authentication process and End-to-End Encryption of data. Also, you can ask for the more sophisticated measure to protect your event from cyberattacks. 


  1. Support for the platform 

A good platform should provide support for resolving technical issues. This is quite necessary for the smooth functioning of the platform. If you are stuck with a technical issue, it might delay your event. Or might lead to cancelling your event altogether. So the support from the platform provider is a must. 

While selecting the platform for your event, ask what kind of support you will get. And one way to test this is by doing the rehearsal of your event. In this way, you will be able to judge the support from the platform provider. 

These are some important factors to consider while selecting the platform for your hybrid event. 


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