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May 27, 2022

Brief About Skid Steer Truss Boom 

Skid steer truss boom and Tele boom attachments for skid steers are helpful in various situations. They provide extra lifting height for your skid loader to transfer trees or other equipment around the nursery or job site. Each boom design comes with our standard universal style mounting plate, making it simple to attach to your skid steer or tractor.

Discover the advantages of a lift boom attachment

Whether you need a lift boom, Tele boom, or truss jib, you can know that ours are built to last. Using these accessories to increase your skid steer’s lifting height or length can be a valuable asset that pays for itself. When transferring nursery stock, unloading flatbed trailers, or lifting motors from trucks, the Lift Boom attachment comes in handy. Do you require a lift extension? Our Teleboom comes in seven various positions to meet your needs. This unit can be extended to 97.25 inches in length and still hold 2000 pounds. The Truss Jib for skid steers comes in three sizes: 6 feet, 9 feet, and 12 feet. This connection is ideal for lifting truss joists or moving and positioning scaffolding equipment.


This is a tool you wish you possessed. If you’re working on a construction project and need to set trusses, you won’t have to waste time looking for one to rent. It quickly raises them into a safe working position for your carpenter or framer. Keep in mind that your framer must likewise be harnessed for his protection. The steelworker can do the same thing, holding the beam upright until it can be fastened or welded. If you’re a landscaper, this answers your problem of moving and planting more giant trees into the hole while keeping it straight until it can be backfilled, watered, and mulched. These jibs and lift booms have been designed with safety in mind. Please take note of all the lifting restrictions.

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What Is the Length of a Skid Steer Truss Boom?

Fixed-length skid steer truss booms come in various sizes, most often 6, 9, or 12 feet.

Because shorter booms provide less leverage on the skid steer, they can lift more weight. For example, Haugen’s 6-foot Skid Steer Truss Boom can lift 2000 pounds, while the nine and 12-foot models can lift 1,000 pounds. Always check your boom’s manufacturer’s guidelines.

Should I get a Skid Steer Truss Jib with Fork Slots or Quick Attach?

If you intend to use your truss boom with machines that do not have a skid steer quick connect mounts, fork slotted may be the preferable choice. When working on larger structures, some clients may prefer to use their truss jib with a telehandler; in this situation, a fork-slotted truss jib would be a better choice.

What if I require a greater lifting capacity?

An adjustable jib may be better if you require extensive lifting capability or a flexible length boom.

Instead of a pintle hitch, Skid Steer Industrial Jibs may have an “eye hook.” Both hook/hitch setups will require outside assistance when lifting or lowering loads.

Your skid steer truss boom hook or hitch should have a higher overall capacity than the remainder of the boom. Many manufacturers install 5-ton hooks on Truss booms rated at only 2,000 pounds.

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