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August 17, 2021

Can I Use My Off-Road Tyres For On-Road Purposes?

Tyres play a mammoth role in our lives. This specifically is true if you are an off-roader. For some people, off-roading is their passion. While some have no choice but to drive on such routes. No matter what the reason is, you need to have those robust tyres on the road that can bear the harshness of such terrain. Tyre manufacturers understand your needs very well and that’s why they have crafted different kinds of off-road tyres to deal with such terrains. There are mud tyres and then there are all-terrain tyres that can cater to any kind of surface. 

However, one big question that crops up in every off-roader’s mind is whether the same 4×4 tyres Lincoln be used for on-road purposes. It’s a fact that buying tyres is a pretty expensive affair. You wouldn’t like to change your tyres frequently as the surface of the road changes. So, what does one do in such a case? Should we change the tyres of our vehicle or can we continue with the same set? Let’s find out here in this blog. 

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Off-road tyres for on-road purposes

Your off-road tyres can be used for on-road purposes, but with certain glitches. The patterns on off-road tyres are quite deep. The deep tread on the sidewalls provides extra traction on the roads. Nevertheless, these tyres tend to wear out faster on paved roads. Moreover, they make a huge noise when they are driven on the pavement. Let’s face it. Off-road tyres are specifically meant for the special roads they are meant for. The material used in making these tyres is quite hard and the unique tread patterns are specially made to dig in through the mud. 

When you use these tyres on normal roads, if the speed is slow, you’ll feel a kind of lug on the drive. While in the case of high speeds, the same tyres get a bit out of control, and they kind of feel rough on the roads. That’s because these tread patterns have large and deep blocks in them. These depressions in the tyres make most of the noise on smooth paved roads. Next comes, braking. On normal days, these tyres brake like any other tyres on the roads. The problem arises when you have to use these tyres on wet surfaces. Braking does become an issue and the braking distance also becomes a bit longer with them.

Off-road tyres are utilised for all kinds of terrain in motor vehicles and are a common sight on 4WD’s. They typically feature an aggressive tread pattern, made up of various grooves and protrusions. These help increase the contact patch of the tyre with the road or surface, and give better traction off road. Off-road tyres can also be known as recreational tyres and may actually have a different sized tread on each side to aid grip when driving in sand or mud. For multi-purpose use, it is important to consider the load index of an off-road tyre before installing them into your vehicle as

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A word of caution here with these tyres, when the roads are all clad with snow and ice is tight do not ever try to drive with these tyres. They won’t be able to provide you with that kind of traction in such circumstances. On the other hand, if you see loose snow on the roads, you can still drive these tyres with complete caution. You can even expect to get a good grip on the snow in that case. 

Does that mean, you can never drive with off-road tyres on smooth roads? Let’s find out.

Technology has grown manifold and a little research from your end will land you on the tyres that will give you a smooth ride and good traction on smooth roads as well. As a driver, you should have the ability to drive on any kind of surface, whether it’s on the pavement or off the pavement. If you research carefully, you’ll come across all-terrain car tyres Lincoln that work well on both types of surfaces. 

If you feel you need to drive on muddy terrains more often, then you can go for mud tyres. It all depends on the usage. Having read this blog, you can now make an informed choice regarding your tyres. 

Till then, safe driving. 


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