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September 13, 2021

Defining A Cable Harness

A cable harness or also called a wiring harness is the backbone of many industries that rely on electrical automation. It is one of the most underrated innovations in this modern era and has opened plenty of doors for more efficient electronic wiring solutions. Although most wiring harnesses may appear simply as a bunch of wires bundled together, careful and intricate planning goes into assembling a single unit. Since cable harnesses are used in almost every industry, different harnesses are made and manufactured for different applications. The more sophisticated the device or machine is, the more complex wiring harness assembly is required.           

The Production Process

Whenever a manufacturer is tasked to produce a new type of cable harness, the production process begins by assessing a schematic diagram of the unit that is specifically designed for the device or machine it will be installed in. These schematics are typically either done on paper or by using CAD software. After carefully understanding the design, they then proceed to implement the schematic as their main guide during the production process. However, it is also quite normal to make changes along the way to ensure the feasibility of the design.

The next step of the production process is to measure and cut the wires according to the proper sizes. This is normally done by automated machines to guarantee accuracy and avoid any miscalculations. These machines also strip the ends of each wire to expose the metal conductors so they can easily attach to terminals and connectors. The wires are then clamped together and assembled into a pinboard according to the design.

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Some companies, however, still prefer having skilled workers manually performing some operations. In the production process since some of them are difficult to automate. Manual operations are more cost-effective especially when producing cable harnesses in small batches.

Examples of Industries Utilizing Wire Harnesses

Since we heavily rely on electronic devices nowadays, it is quite common to find wiring harnesses in many machines. We use in our everyday lives. If an industry requires efficient electrical wiring solutions, a cable harness is most likely utilized. A harness not only distributes proper electrical signals throughout a device. But also reinforces each wiring path and streamlines both the assembly process and maintenance post-production. Here are some examples of industries that heavily rely on sophisticated wiring solutions.

General Electronics and Appliances- Plenty of electronic items found in people’s homes utilize a cable harness. Companies that offer state-of-the-art appliances rely on intricate wiring solutions to keep up their modern features. Wiring harness applications range from computers to something as simple as electronic toys.

Manufacturing– Since the manufacturing industry nowadays commonly uses automated systems, they also require wiring solutions that can keep up with operations. The machines used in factories rely on wiring harnesses that can ensure quality outputs with minimal chances of errors.

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Automotive- The automotive industry is probably one of the biggest sectors that utilize high-end wiring solutions. A wiring harness made for a car must be able to keep up with evolving automotive technology. And enhanced performance capabilities. Every vehicle that is produced has a cable harness that can be easily installed by manufacturers. And can also be easily maintained for future repairs.


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