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November 19, 2022

How IoT Helps in Social Media Monitoring

What the Internet of Things Really Can Do

The Internet of Things automatically collects and transmits information from remote sensors via the Internet. This data can be collected and analyzed so resources, for example, can be managed more efficiently. However, the nature of this data can be quite different.

A key feature of the IoT is connectivity and, therefore, sociability in a way. With things representing society. Some of these things are items that have hardly been imagined before: clocks, teapots, and thermometers.

Internet-connected things generate information using sensors. This data is transmitted to built-in controllers and microprocessors. They process the data and pass it on.

IoT in a wide variety of sectors is creating new business opportunities. For example, in industry, IoT increases equipment productivity, reduces energy and resource costs, improves quality, and optimizes working conditions. In agriculture, intelligent sensors can transmit data to analyze soil, moisture levels, pests, and nutrients. This approach improves crop yields and saves resources.

In addition to industry, IoT is used in medicine, energy, banking systems, smart cars, homes, wearable devices, and social media. IoT technologies enable investments in development that, over time, reduce costs and increase revenues.

How IoT Interacts with Social Media and Other Environments

IoT software development allows a shift from manual monitoring to automated monitoring. It looks like special services using IoT for fast and high-quality data collection.

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Today, among the SaaS providers that use IoT in their work are Radian6 and Visible. In addition, life360 uses IoT for social screening of its users to give them more options.

The concept of leveraging IoT technology is not limited to existing uses. The more gadgets and things are connected to the Internet, the faster the social space of these things grows, as they can now interact with each other.

Interaction, according to the concept of the Internet of Things, is the distinguishing factor compared to existing smart electronics solutions, such as fitness bracelets and smart household weights, which are pretty popular now. Therefore, the social Internet of Things as a service will effectively complement existing solutions and expand the scope of interaction between people and machines.

Benefits of Social Media Monitoring

Within the context of social media, IoT is used for monitoring. The information obtained helps to understand customers and thereby improve service and create new value for the consumer.

Social media monitoring is important for promoting and attracting new audiences and customers. Analyzing data received from social networks allows us to work out ways to strengthen reputation, increase brand trust and create viral content.

The social network is a massive reservoir of valuable data and insights for marketing, customer service, and improving the image.

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Monitoring social media allows us to understand how customers contact a brand or specific business through social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. IoT enables this data to be retrieved continuously and without manual searches.

SMM managers can track negative mentions on social networks and in the media and take reactive measures. They structure company mentions according to priority metrics in social networks and on news portals.

SaaS tools using IoT help collect and analyze data that can be visualized and tracked. Among other things, social media monitoring allows timely tracking of current trends in the industry and directing business activities.

What makes monitoring different from research is that it gives an opportunity to join the company’s discussions, respond to and address users’ and customers’ questions in time, and receive timely and honest feedback.

How to Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats

The Internet of Things bridges the gap between the digital world and the physical world. However, despite all the advantages of using IoT technology, it still has some drawbacks, the foremost of which is the vulnerability of data to cyber-attacks.

Smart devices acquire a lot of data about the user. If this data gets to malicious attackers, material, financial, and reputational damage to the business can be caused.

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As the number of connected devices continues to grow, our living and working environments will gradually become filled with smart things – as long as we are willing to accept the security and privacy compromises at this point. And for this to happen, specific security hygiene rules must be adhered to.

For their part, the service providers have to undergo a security certification. Passing the inspection and obtaining the appropriate certificate will guarantee the client protection against the attacks of malicious attackers on the network. The primary condition for such a procedure is that it should be available to vendors and not become a mere formality.

Blockchain is also an option for an effective solution that can provide IoT security. Integrating distributed ledger technology into the IoT domain reduces the number of points for hackers to attack and reduces the risks associated with centralization. For example, the blockchain-based system will not be affected if a single device is hacked.

Customers of SaaS products with integrated IoT for their part can take care of their security:

  1. Regularly update passwords with new ones, timely update apps.
  2. Use only licensed software.
  3. Not transmit data at the app’s request unless it is technically necessary.


We could long discuss how important it is for any business to conduct market research, analyze media space and work with feedback. Monitoring is a way to explore the media to find ways to manage communication channels and find points of business growth. To build a competent communication strategy, it is necessary to use monitoring effectively and also to learn how to use the collected information correctly.

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