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February 17, 2022

how Much Do Skateboard Wheels Cost?

Many beginners have no idea how much a skateboard wheel costs. Skateboard wheels come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, so picking the right one at an affordable price is not easy for a newbie.

We are here to educate you on the actual prices of wheels on the market. You can pick the right one for you based on your riding style and level.

Best Skateboard wheels cost anywhere between $15 and $70.

Different factors affect the cost of skateboard wheels.

The cost of a skateboard depends on the material used in its construction. It also depends on the wheel’s quality, size, and brand.

A few other factors also affect the price of the skateboard.

  • Wheel Diameter
  • Contact Patch
  • Wheel Shape
  • Durometer Rating

Wheel Diameter

If you want street skating, are interested in performing tricks and stunts, and wish to participate in skating competitions, you should choose the small wheels.

But on the other hand, the bigger wheels help you move smoothly even on rough terrain and are recommended for beginners who face issues maintaining the speed.

Contact Patch

The contact patch and the surface are the most important factors determining your skateboard wheel’s grip level. Wider wheels are best for maintaining the grip when skating is high speed. And narrow wheels are suitable for performing stunts.

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Wheel Shape

A skateboard wheel’s shape affects how much it weighs, how much grip it provides, and how it locks in place. Sharp edge wheels offer more grip and traction as compared to wheels.

Durometer Rating

In skateboard wheels, the durometer rating indicates how hard they are. The hardness of the wheel is measured by its durometer rating. If the rating is 99A and above, the wheel is hard. The skateboard wheels that rating is between 90A to 98A are medium. The wheels between 78A to 90A are soft.

According to their Durometer rating, the wheels are used for a different purposes. How? If you are interested in longboard and cruising, soft skateboard wheels perform the best for you.

On the other hand, medium skateboard wheels are great for skating in streets and riding on rough terrains. Hard wheels are used in skateparks.

Therefore, these features and qualities determine the actual price of the skateboard wheel.

Types of Skateboard Wheels

1. Street wheel

2. Cruiser wheel

3. Longboard wheel

Street wheel

Street wheels are popular among younger skaters who like to skate on flat surfaces such as streets. These wheels are also popular among skaters who like to do tricks on flat surfaces.

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These wheels tend to be lighter and lower priced than other wheels, but some experts feel that they have a lower durometer reading and therefore provide less grip.

This can make it more difficult for a skater to stay in control of their skateboard. A street wheel will cost the skater between $15 and $30.

Cruiser wheel

Cruiser wheels are bigger and much softer than street skateboard wheels, rank 78-90A on the durometer scale, and measure between 54-60mm. Cruiser wheels are used for fast riding.

Skateboard wheels are perhaps one of the most important parts of a skateboard; they connect you to the board and what you stand on, so choosing the right set is essential.

Longboard Wheels

Longboard skateboard wheels are designed for stability and speed, making them ideal for downhill racing or just cruising around town.

These wheels are larger than street or cruiser wheels, measuring between 65-70mm, and have a durometer rating of 80-85A. Longboard wheels also have a slightly different shape than other skateboard wheels, with a flatter surface and less rounded edges.

This shape provides more stability and grip when skating at high speeds. Most longboard wheels are made of hard plastic, giving them a longer lifespan than other skateboard wheels. A set of longboard wheels will cost the skater between $15 and $30.

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The actual cost of the skateboard wheel depends on its features like durometer rating, size, shape, and contact patch. The skateboard wheels that have a higher rating tend to be more expensive. The street skateboard wheels are less expensive than other types of skateboard wheels.


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