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September 16, 2021

How Much Sleep Do Adult & Kids Really Need

Getting enough sleep is a battle for many people. Parents struggle to get their children to turn out the lights and say good night. Many adults are sleep deprived due to stress, work schedules, and busy lives. Older students in high school and college rank sleep as a low priority when they are buried in books or enjoying an active social life. Insomniacs wish they knew what it was like to actually get a solid night of rest. But, the important question is exactly how much sleep do adults and kids really need?

How Much Sleep You Need Depends on Your Age

While sleep habits may vary for each individual, researchers provide guidelines for how much sleep you should get based on your age. If you have ever noticed that babies spend a great deal of time sleeping, it’s normal for them. A baby who has just been born needs anywhere between 14 and 17 hours of sleep. This amount will drop between 12 and 16 hours when infants are four months old. Once they turn one, they should continue to sleep at least 11 hours. If you have a child in preschool, set bedtime so your little one will sleep for a minimum of 10 hours. If your child is cranky, 13 may be needed to fully recharge for the next day. Your school age child should get an average of 9 hours of sleep. Teens can cut back to 8 hours a night. However, some teenagers will do better with 10 hours of sleep. Shoot for at least 7 years in your adult years. Even elderly people should get at least 7 hours of sleep to feel their best.

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Why Do We Need Sleep?

When you are done using your cellphone or your laptop for the day, you put them on charge so they’re ready for you the next day. The same holds true for your body and its relation to sleep. Sleep gives your body the chance to get the rest it needs to help you to feel rejuvenated the next day. Getting into a habit of sleeping the recommended amount of sleep for the day can have a profound impact on your health and emotional well-being. You’re giving your cells the chance to repair damages that occur every day. You have to give yourself a break from all the pressures, worries, and tasks that crowd your thoughts every waking moment. You can improve your immunity, helping yourself to fight off illnesses. Inflammation in your body can be reduced, giving you more flexibility. Your body won’t ache as much when you sleep.

Prioritize your sleep

You, like most other people, must lead a life that is jam-packed with responsibilities. You’ve got work, your family, and your home. Your mind is working overtime to manage everything that is thrown at you each day. You push your body to its limits, whether you are on your feet at home, doing strenuous work, or hitting the gym as often as possible. You probably know what it’s like to feel like you are running on empty. Sleep is your body’s natural way of refueling. Do yourself a favor. Prioritize creating the right circumstances at home so that you will enjoy the beauty of quality, uninterrupted sleep. Look for an adjustable bed that will help you to find the most comfortable position. Complete the package with a mattress, pillows, and bedding that make you feel like you are in heaven. Make sure you have window coverings that will make your room as close to pitch black as you can get. Eliminate distractions, such as phones or the television. You have to plan your sleep schedule and stick to it, going to bed at a set time.

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Be strategic when it comes to sleep. If you have a family, establish a routine for everyone. Make sure your children know that sleep is important for you as well. If you are on your own, take all the steps you need to shut down your body for the night.

When you put everything together, you will know what it means to have sweet dreams.



Author Name– Zoya Maryam


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