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April 23, 2022

How to write a research paper and get it published?

Guidelines for writing an article

Whether you are applying for a master’s degree, preparing for a conference or applying for a grant, you will need to have published research papers. How to write and publish them correctly in academic journals?

Why does a student need to know how to write research papers? Where can he/she use this skill? Where are published research papers required?

Being able to write research papers is a very useful skill that will be useful to students both in their studies and in their future professional life.

Firstly, while studying at undergraduate level, you will need to build up your own portfolio, which includes various achievements of the student during their time at university. The availability of published research articles greatly increases a student’s ranking. Many higher education institutions take into account the availability of published articles when evaluating a student’s graduation thesis.

Secondly, for admission to a master’s programme the criteria often include such a parameter as the availability of published articles in the calculation of a passing grade. This is an essential point, as it increases the chances of an applicant to enter a prestigious university with a scholarship.

It is advised to think already at the initial stage about your future destiny, about the choice of Master’s programme and, accordingly, about the need to start research and try to put your own scientific findings into the form of an academic article. This will allow you to build up your portfolio during your studies.

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We emphasise that it is compulsory to have published research articles for admission to the PhD programme.

Thirdly, there is now a well-developed system of research funding in the form of grants allocated by various foundations and other organisations, as well as universities. One of the obligatory points when filling in the grant application form is the applicant’s publications.

How do I start to write a research paper? How to choose a topic? What should be the structure, formatting?

The structure of an article and the requirements for its formatting are usually determined by the journal or special publication (collection of articles, conference proceedings, etc.)

Within the article, it is recommended to cover:

  • the relevance of the problem that the student will solve;
  • the main hypothesis which he will argue in writing it;
  • the contents of the problem;
  • what approaches to its solution exist in contemporary doctrine or have existed in the past;
  • describe what are the shortcomings and advantages of the available concepts on the issue;
  • What practical application the solution to the problem has, and what difficulties law enforcement encounters with the problem under study.

Most important are the author’s conclusions, which the researcher draws from the analysis, and his proposals for solving the problem which he set at the beginning of the study.

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Nowadays, science is developing rapidly, and students often find it difficult to write a paper, asking their supervisor what else can be written on this topic, when so much has already been published on it. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully assess the importance of the topic, and if the issue is already well researched and solutions have been proposed, it is probably not worth taking on this topic. On the other hand, hundreds of works have been written on many topical aspects, but social and economic relations change – the problem is raised again, there are collisions and gaps in the law which need to be studied. It is then good to propose our own approach to solving the problem as a conclusion, to show what is new in it compared to the existing ones and to justify it.

Writing an article, as you can see, is not an easy task. Often a student has no time at all and the question arises – “Who can help with my paper?”. An article writing service will be a real help for a student, you just need to find a reliable company, drop an application and end up with an effective article.


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