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September 16, 2021

Innovative Shirt Packaging can help you sell more custom apparel

The apparel industry is overcrowded with unlimited names, making it difficult for brands to stand out with a distinct image. This has led brands to not only amplify their advertising campaigns but improve their Shirt packaging as well for better recognition and exposure. As your packaging sets the tone of your brand, it leaves an impression on people which can either turn them on or off. So you need to be vigilant with their designs and execution. Here are some amazing shirt packaging ideas to help you do it flawlessly.

Play with style:

Gone are the days when brands would stick to the basic boxes for packaging that look no different than others. Thanks to the modern customization facilities now that offer endless ways of being creative with your shirt packaging. You can have unique shapes and styles that grab attention and appreciation from customers. Just think how lovely it would be to have cylindrical cardboard boxes carrying rolled shirts in them tied with an eco-friendly ribbon? Or how about having envelope-shaped custom shirt packaging bags with a lovely note on them to make your customers feel appreciated by you? Such unique customizations would definitely win your customers’ hearts. Cardboard is such a friendly material that you can customize it in any imaginable shape and style to create a matchless packaging that sets you on top of the rest of the brands. 

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Manifest magnificence:

You cannot use the same packaging for your high-end apparel that you use for the rest of your clothing line. It’s because high-end apparel requires luxurious packaging that stands parallel to their magnificent aura. So you need to customize your shirt box packaging in exclusive ways to associate luxury with them. Rigid packaging would work best for this as their robust structure reflect class while the fine surface feel speaks about their elegance. You can further amplify their grace by decorating them with metallic gold and silver printing. Moreover, placing a fine cloth in the box and keeping the product on it would give the fanciest experience to the customers and make them fall in love with your brand. Such alluring packaging would associate a prestigious image with your brand while making you the talk of the town.

Go bold with branding:

The more exposure your brand enjoys, the more sales your products enjoy. And this is done when your packaging speaks loud for your brand and is capable of attracting all eyes towards it. So besides giving it a unique shape, premium structure, and interesting shirt packaging designyou need to make it an effective promotional tool by including an impactful representation of your brand name and logo on it. Get a professionally designed stylized font for your name that sets the tone of your brand. Your logo should be able to give a distinct image to your brand besides offering a visual treat to the viewers. Make your branding as enticing as possible so that it remains in the minds of people and they recognize you in a second whenever they have a look at your logo or even just its symbolic colors. The color choice must be made wisely as it will represent the attitude of your brand and create an impression on the viewers. Then go for different printing effects to achieve an eye-catching visual representation. 

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Customer convenience counts:

When people spend money on something, they want and hope to have a convenient experience with it, which is their right. So how can you offer them the experience they desire to have? With consumer-friendly packaging right? You can have handles made on the custom shirt packaging to make it easier for consumers to carry their package anywhere with them without any hassle. You can embrace the transparent approach by including die-cut windows on the packaging to allow an easy insight into the product while it’s still protected in the packaging. It also helps in sorting which package contains which product. The unboxing experience of the packaging must be enjoyable for the customers, so you must keep it in consideration while designing it. The opening and closing experience, the sound that the boxes make, and the feel their surface offers, everything needs to be exotic so that customers find their money justified and keep coming back to you.

Apparel packaging that appeals to the customers enjoys appreciation from the customers while increasing product sales to a significant extent. It also associates a privileged image to the brand and generates a positive word of mouth about it among people. Brands are fully aware of these aspects and are constantly striving to come up with exclusive shirt packaging ideas to break through the clutter and reap maximum benefits.

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