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October 19, 2021

Is Crazy Golf Hard To Play?

Every day, a big majority of people are looking for new ways to spend their time. For the last one year or so, there have been more lockdowns globally, and this has never been experienced anywhere before. This is why being creative in how you spend your time helps. An amazing activity that you can take part in is crazy golf.

So what’s crazy golf?

This is a kind of mini-golf. It’s a game where the holes are positioned within hills, slopes, and mounds, and the players are supposed to aim the stroked through the holes that are positioned in all these challenging places. Just like the real game of golf, you will have to show some skill and resilience to hit the right spots. It challenges your mind, and by the time you are done with playing, you will have felt that you did something funny for the day.

The popularity of crazy golf is growing fast and is becoming more popular than related games that have been in existence for years. There are regional tournaments in different parts of the world, as well as global championships such as the well-known World Crazies Championship. At this global meet, the game’s titan’s from different parts of the world battle it out for the top honors and prizes. However, remember that like any other game that is competitive globally, there are sets of rules that the players should abide by.

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Who is this game for?

This game is for the young, old, the single, married persons and also for children. Depending on where you live, be it in Australia, in the UK, or other parts, there will always be a place near you where you can play mini-golf. But if you would like to play it with your family, you should check venues around you that are suitable for the entire family.

How to Improve Your Crazy Golf Skills

Like other amazing games, you should improve your skills to do well with this game. This game is tough, as there are endless obstacles along the way. If you want to be the best at this mini-golf game, you will have to better your techniques and skills. 

Here are tips to help you improve your game.

1. Learn the basic skills

Get resources that enable you to master the concepts of this amazing game and how you can improve your scores while playing it.  After you have mastered the basic skills, your precision will increase dramatically.

2. Get a quality putter

Your performance while playing crazy golf is determined by the type of putter that you use. Get one that’s comfortable to hold, and which is of the right size.

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3. Hit gently

Don’t be very hard when hitting the ball, especially when you are starting.

4. Create a strategy

Go round the mini-golf course and create a great playing strategy that’s based on the obstacles that are placed along the way.

Our Verdict

Crazy golf is not hard to play. However, if you are to succeed at it, you should have the right putter, and know a great technique. Develop a strategy that can help you conquer the obstacles that have been placed on the path.


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