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April 26, 2021

Old Pc Games Ranked (11-20) – Best 50 Games Released between 1991-2000

Old Pc Games Ranked 11-20 – 2nd Level games which are less better than previous games connected to it. Read all 5 articles if you love old games and looking for the best out of too many games to play.


Best 50 Games Released between 1991-2000 – Ranked from 1-50

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Rank 11-20 Games

11- Mortal Kombat 4

The Mortal Kombat series is very popular and similar to Tekken style. You can our article about the upcoming Tekken 8 game with complete information. There are some characters created in this game with a different set of movies, some superpowers & amazing grounds for fighting. We added this game is ou list of 2nd Level perfect best games for Past Gaming because this game is the base of the most powerful amazing gaming series. Its 1st in our Old Pc Games Ranked 11-20 list because it’s very close top 10 games and better than over 39 other games below in the list. In our opinion, this game series is better than any other fighting game created in the history of 30 years of gaming.

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12- Baldur’s Gate

Baldur’s Gate is a huge RPG game and you will see a lot of stories created behind it. A lot of quests and the main storyline is added for you to complete in this game. We add it here as 2nd level perfect gaming list because it’s better than too many different RPG games released between 1991-2000. This is actually a series of games that they released later, available for almost every platform in the world & loved by millions of users all over the world. The original game which we mention here later remade with a lot of updates & improved version for Pc lovers.

13- Anno 1602

If you love construction & management or city building games, Anno is the number 1 series for you. Anno 1602 was released in 1998 and you can consider it the best past game in their series of games. It’s ranked 13 on our list because we really believe it’s better than all different kinds of construction games of that period or mostly released later. You must build the whole world from the beginning as per your desire in this game. The creation of dreamland is possible, but managing it is never as easy as real life. It may be difficult for some players to understand fully this game because there are a lot of options there. But if anyone is able to understand the basics, you may never see any other perfect game ever created in the world.

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14- Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike is the best online multiplayer team game where you can become part of a team and compete against other teams. The main purpose of the game is mostly to kill all other enemies in every round. No other better game was released in 10 years’ time compared to counter Strike in this genre. Best for players who love this type of game, its similar to the Call of Duty online game series. They release some other games later which are improved versions of the game they released in old gaming time, a lot of new features are introduced. It becomes famous enough that they release different spin-offs for players. If you love this game, we suggest you try its latest version which may have more active people to play all the time.

15- Axis & Allies

A best old board game for lovers of this type of games created in 1999. But there are too many different games which released before the old gaming time. Some games you can see for this series were released in 1981 & 1984. You get a huge collection of ships and other units in this game to play. As you can understand from its name, play as Allies or Axis in the world war scenario. The above video can explain everything perfectly where you can see gameplay by someone explaining too. It is a turn-based game, with players are allowed to move units on the map & destroy enemy forces.

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16- Commandos – Behind Enemy Lines

Commandos games are always best and players really love to play them. Behind Enemy Lines is the most amazing game and actually its a series of different games created later. Some games are different in series but you can find 3,4 games similar to Behind Enemy Lines. Units size is very small in this game, you get some units each with some special abilities, clear map from enemies, or complete some missions. Silent weapons are very important sometime to use in this game to avoid large army forces who may attack you if find any noise.

17- Might and Magic VI – The Mandate of Heaven

Might and Magic are Turn Base Strategy games with a lot of heroes with different abilities are involved. You can understand from the above title, they released these games even before the creation of Windows. Very old series, everyone knows if a series is old with many titles already released, they can make only perfect games. They already test everything & get fans’ opinions, a lot of chances to improve. Their 1st game fro windows known as The Mandate of Heaven is the most awesome creation ever for strategy games.

18- Total Annihilation

Amazing RTS game Total Annihilation which takes place far in the future & you need to fight battles on planets & moons. The main concept is similar t other games, build your base, make it strong against attacks from enemies, conquer opponents with help of different power units. Commander is the most powerful in-game who gets some unique and amazing abilities that no one units can have in-game. Metal and energy are 2 important resources for both sides. Overall, this game is good enough to be added here in our list of 2nd level games. As you can see its number is 18 in our list of best Old Pc Games Ranked 11-20.

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19- Half-Life

Most high rated FPS game of old-time gaming, the player needs to perform some actions like solving puzzles, different combat tasks too. There are no levels in this game because they divided the game into chapters. Each chapter completes an important party in the main story. Half-Life is different from other games of the same type because you can’t actually see anyone in-game, the only view is available from the eyes of player characters. There are some powerful bosses in this game which player must defeat using different tactics because the use of a weapon is not much effective on them.

20- Dune 2000

Dune 2000 mostly look like Red Alert 2 because of their gameplay. As per the main story, Emperor issued a challenge for all houses, anyone who produces more spice which is some kind of drug, will control ist the main source. It begins a large scale war between everyone and now they are fighting for control of more spice production in the process to destroy everyone. A total of 7 different factions are part of the game and players are able to use only 3 of them. Each faction is different from each other because of their construction, units, and everything else.

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Top Post of Past Games

If you talk about some awesome articles written on past games, we have found the most awesome already popular site for you. Everyone knows about IMDB & if you visit their site and search for game entries between 1991-2001, they will show results with a huge collection of games. There is a special benefit for their site is the rating system, players who visit their site also vote for these games, it will show you which game is better than others in the list.


Some of the games on our list are really perfect then too many games which were released after 2000. But you know people don’t like these games much because of their graphics & other problems which early games were facing. Recent games are really perfect with graphics, better story because develops already learn a lot from the gaming business now. In the past, they were not able to create better games because of a lack of important tools & facilities.

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