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August 1, 2021

Protect your business with a quality roll closure

One of the most important business issues is the security of their facilities. Precisely among the details that count when it comes to providing security to the business, are its physical closures.

A roll-up door is a curtain that can be placed outside a business, in industrial openings or in home garages. Roller closures are characterized by their ability to roll upwards, just as the name implies.

Rolling doors can be made of different materials and can also have a variety of designs that make them versatile and useful.

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The most commonly used materials for rolling shutters are aluminum and galvanized steel. This allows a wide variety of finishes, including standard lacquers, anodized or imitating wood.

They can also have systems to increase the security of the premises. They can also be manual or electromechanical motor.

Advantages of roll closures

Whether for commerce, industry or housing, roller shutters bring great benefits to their users. We go on to detail some of them.

  • Internal security. A roll-up closure provides a strong blocking and protection of the accesses to the shop. This provides confidence and well-being to users.
  • A good quality rolls up closure will hold its own in weather conditions. It can be resistant to wind and other environmental factors, keeping its firmness.
  • Roller closures can be automatically actuated when closing and opening. With a single touch they will open or close, for the greater convenience of users.
  • Energy saving. A closure of this type provides more stability at the interior temperature, so you will save on energy costs.
  • The roll-up closures protect the interior from outside noise, providing greater comfort to users.
  • Roll closure designs can be very varied. This allows them to be adapted to different designs, be they avant-garde or traditional.
  • By having the possibility of being rolled up for the opening, this type of enclosure takes up much less space than other types of solutions, which represents a good advantage.
  • A roll-up closure can be automated without complications, providing even greater comfort to its users.
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When a roll-up closure is installed to access a room, the main advantage that is taken into account is the use of space. When rolled vertically, the cloth or slat of the roller closure can contract by as little as 40 centimeters in diameter or less, depending on the material of the closure.

This will allow you to gain space immediately. This condition can be one of the most appreciated in shops, where each square meter counts for a better use of the total space.

Another great advantage of roll closures is the ease of installation. To install a closure of this type it is not necessary to carry out reforms. On the contrary, the roll-up door can be installed immediately in the vast majority of cases, saving both time and money.

Regarding design, there are different options on the market to suit each client. From the most avant-garde to the most conservative, through a variety of styles and materials. There will always be a suitable enclosure for every need.

And of course, in a quality roller closure, intelligent opening and closing solutions can be installed, capable of automating processes, providing greater safety and comfort to users.


In general, roll closures can be divided into two broad categories. These are:

  • Blind or classic roll closure. In this case, the slats of the roller blind do not allow the passage of light.
  • Die-cut or micro-perforated roll closure. The closures with this type of design have die-cut or micro-perforated slats of different materials, among which aluminum ones stand out.

Whatever the case, it is possible to incorporate intelligent systems and they can practically be installed with similar profiles.


They are thick and large; it is for this reason that they are recognized as the safest and most resistant metal closures.

With this type of blind, you can see moderately towards the commercial premises, but whoever chooses this metal closure is because they are looking for resistance and solidity.


If the priority you have is that people can see without any problem into your business when it is closed, the best thing you can do is install this type of metal closure.

This model has a very flexible design with a very good visibility towards the interior, in addition, it can be installed so that its opening is central or lateral, according to what is required according to the installation site.

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