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November 16, 2021

Qualities of People Who Would Enter Jannah

We all desire to be accepted into Jannah, but how earnest are we in our pursuit of this goal? It is possible to achieve the favor of Allah SWT and join His Paradise through several means. Even though Allah SWT has arranged it simple for everyone to enter His Jannah, there are those among us who lose sight of that fact because of our ‘attachment’ to this fleeting earthly existence. Sayings about the physical attributes of individuals in paradise can help us discover several of the specifics of the spiritual realm that we expect to see and experience in the hereafter. May Allah, may He be honored and exalted, grant us. You may also like to learn about the online Quran courses.

  • Obediently pray

Jannah’s inhabitants are described as humble in the Quran, and their prayers are described as such. These people perform prayers of obedience. Our prayers must be offered most humbly and respectfully possible. The daily prayers of the Muslims will go on as usual. Intentionally, they will not miss them, and they will be keepers of their rosary. Quran. In our hearts, we know which of our fellow human beings is keeping their end of the bargain and which is not. The time has come to reflect on our prayers for a moment. Are we obedient and humble, or are we rushing around? How many times a day do we pray, or are we simply doing our duty by paying our five daily offerings?

  • Stay away from foul language.
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People in Jannah make sure they don’t speak badly of others and avoid using bad language. Instead of listening, they’d look away and dismiss such speeches. Look at what we say and how we talk. Is what we say positive or negative? Is what we say a true reflection of our faith? Do we ever backbite? Learn about languages.

  • Pay Zakat

Muslims must be on the lookout for opportunities to purify their money by making regular zakat payments. Any Muslim who possesses sufficient gold and other assets to be subject to zakat obligation must do so. According to the circumstances, Zakat can be given to some people, but not to others.

  • Their private parts should be protected

Islam has properly explained the Satr of men and women has been properly explained to us by Islam. Our satr will be concealed by our attire. To prevent social evils, we must safeguard our private areas. To be allowed to enter Jannah, we must protect our private bits.

  • Keep their promises

A man is someone reliable in what he says. Our Muslim faith demands that we maintain our vows and never betray anyone’s faith. We must be cautious if we are entrusted with an object or speech by someone we believe. According to its verses, sticking to your word and do not betray the confidence of others are guaranteed a place in paradise in the Quran.

  • Spend in Allah’s way
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Our obligation is to use what Allah has placed upon us to advance the goal of Islam. Allah has ordered us to spend both time and money in accordance with His wishes. Allah asks that we spend our lives in His service in both good and bad times. How much time do we waste in a state of adversity or comfort?

  • Avoid Angry Outbursts

In the heat of the moment, we are more prone to making irrational conclusions. In Islam, anger is forbidden, and we should try to prevent it as often as possible. We can get nearer to Jannah if we have this quality.

  • Forgivers

If we want Allah to pardon ourselves, shouldn’t we forgive others? Let’s be kind and respectful toward others. The time has come to make room for Jannah.

  • Repent of your errors and faults.

All of us have sinned and fallen short. But those who confess their mistakes and ask forgiveness are the finest of us.


The following Hadith reveals how gracious Allah is; there are several things that qualify you for Heaven. The Messenger of Allah said anyone of us who accomplishes Wudu, and he rinses his body parts carefully. Then after completing his Wudu says, “Ashhadu a la ilaha illa Allah wa ashhadu anna Muhammadan abduhu wa rasooluhu,” all the eight doors of Heaven will be opened for oneself to access from whatever entrance he desires. After completing Wudu, we should recite this Kalimah to receive this lovely recompense from Allah.

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Muhammad Junaid is a senior Analyst and Search Engine Expert. Extensive experience being a lead writer in Online Madrasa for Adults. Work for years with local and international enterprises. Also, represent well-known brands in the UAE.


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