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November 1, 2021

React JS Certification

This article talks about the comprehensive course on React JS that is being provided online on the Zeolearn, an immersive learning platform for those who never take break from learning. 

The course is specifically curated with the aim to help the interested individuals learn React JS and Redux with the latest features such as context, JSX, Routing, Master Components, hooks, portals, error-boundaries, and much more. You will also get to know how to develop internet-rich applications using React JS and Redux. It will be a 32-hours instructor led interactive live online classes which will help you gain an hands-on learning advantage with our personalized mentorship program by the industry experts itself.


It has become a fact nowadays, that an individual with react skills on their Curriculum Vitae are more likely to get noticed and recruited by the recruiters. The reason is that role of React JS skills is in huge demand.

React is one of the highly popular and useful JavaScript front end libraries all over the world and thus it has become of primary importance to gain fluency in React. React was created in the labs of Facebook and facilitates in developing applications with much more efficiency, scalability, and robustness. Keeping into account the increase in-demand of React skills, Zeolearn Academy has brought to you the React JS certification course so that you get hands-on practical experience and skills with cloud labs and build a job ready portfolio showcasing your knowledge of real world projects.

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Enroll in the React JS certification course (Version 16) which is loaded with entire new set of features. This would be a great opportunity who wishes to pursue their career in front-end development into the world of React. In our hands-on classes you’ll learn everything involved about components, architecture, and the advanced concepts concerned in building internet rich apps using Flux, Redux, and ReactJS. 

This course is designed by the professionals of industry and is curated in terms of job-oriented latest advancements in this domain. Also, the ReactJS certification will help you get accredited with the master of creating and deploying dynamic front-end apps using React features.


Learn all the components involved in React and know ways to efficiently build reusable components. 

You’ll get to know how state aids you in keeping track of data changes in the application. 

Learn implementation of Server-Side Rendering (SSR) regarding building Isomorphic applications. 

Get equipped with usage of Redux Hooks, Thunk and other middleware and their implementation in your applications. 

Get to explore the test-driven development (TDD), use of Jest, Enzyme, React Testing Library, etc. 

Learn how to build efficient forms for application by using controlled as well as uncontrolled components. 

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Learn about code sharing and usage of Render Props, Higher Order Components and every aspect of code sharing and its reusability.


The aim of the React JS course is to aid the interested individuals get equipped with the required knowledge along with the practical aspects involved in ReactJS and its system. In practical experience, you will be made able to work on developing Single Page Apps and creation of quite interactive and responsive web pages.

Upon the completion of this workshop, it is guaranteed that you’ll be master of the fundamentals of ReactJS language at an application level, thus ensuring that you manage to confidently secure jobs as a developer in the domain.

There are as such no prerequisites to attend this course, however a basic HTML, CSS skills, and JavaScript skills. Otherwise anyone interested in using React to build SPAs, client web development, or aspiring to start their tech career in web development are more than welcome to attend this course. 


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