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January 12, 2021

Second-hand Jewellery Worth to Buy? – Amir Articles

Our customers also question us about the potential resale value of the jewelry pieces they want to purchase. Read about Second-hand Jewellery.


Our customers also question us about the potential resale value of the jewelry pieces they want to purchase. While no one can provide an entirely accurate number, we can infer that purchasing second-hand jewelry items.

Excellent capital investment will be made.

Jewelry prices have increased in recent years; one of the main reasons is that investors have changed from investing in stocks and bonds to more critical assets, such as gold, diamonds, and other gemstones. This means that more than what was paid for them could be worth a specific antique, brand, or material makeup jewelry.

In this article, we’ll give five excellent reasons why you should consider investing in pre-owned jewelry. And if you do have a lot of second-hand necklaces, bracelets, rings, or earrings, you’re going to find out something different about the real value. Read below full guide about “Second-hand Jewellery”

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Why is buying second-hand jewelry a good idea?

The Highest Value

Buying a pre-owned piece of jewelry will help you get a lot more money for your money than brand new ones, regardless of what your budget is set for. Like so many other everyday items (cars, for example), the value of unique jewelry would depreciate instantly—the trick is ‘playing the percentages.’

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Upon acquisition, by the time it is passed on, the value of new pieces will usually decrease by 20-40%-the general prices of antique jewelry have already been set (it is second hand after all).

Therefore, the likelihood of making an actual profit on its resale is exponentially more significant than what would be gained by new pieces.

Sometimes, when you look at new and second-hand jewelry, you are more likely to find that you will be able to afford a higher quality of diamonds/other gemstones and the precious metals they are wrapped in (if you look at composite prices) when you look at what your budget will get.

A more comprehensive range of options

It would probably go without saying that the option of second-hand pieces available is vast; any well-made jewelry item will last for several generations if they are well cared for. Many things were created during the 20th century that evokes each decade’s styles and tastes.

Of course, all the time, trends and fashions change- jewelry is no different. Things made of pale metals, diamonds, and pearls were trendy during the Edwardian period, while larger pieces of yellow gold and colored gemstones were trendy during the 1970s.

However, trends and fashions often return or establish new reputations-some pieces that were considered ‘unusual’ during the time of their creation may have contemporary features (such as geometric and linear stone settings). Nice resale features!

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More Value Preservation

As discussed above, older pieces (if well cared for) do not decline in value, making them a better investment than new parts. Purchasing second-hand jewelry does not mean that its value often depreciates with each owner; each piece will retain its intrinsic value due to the metals and stones used.

With trends coming and going and the prices of metals and stones fluctuating, the piece’s age will become negligible over time, ensuring that you will likely retain more value from a second-hand part than from a new one.

Own the price of history

For many collectors, buying jewelry is not just about the kinds of metals and stones used or even their locations; some meaning is also related to the history behind the objects’ making.

The fact that an ‘old’ piece of jewelry lasted for so long in such a great shape, at the risk of stating the obvious, would suggest that it was well made.

It’s not just about selling it on to make an investment in high-quality second-hand jewelry for profit; such hard-wearing items are great for passing through the next generation of your family.

Not just how and where it was made, but the reasons behind its purchase, who owned it, even the locations and positions in which it was found, each jewelry piece has its unique history. 

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How You Should Purchase Jewellery Online – Ultimate Short Guide

Contribute to the restoration of the environment and societies around the world.

The mining of precious metals, diamonds, and gemstones can significantly impact the environment and raise questions about human rights in countries where such goods are mined worldwide.

The ‘blood diamonds’ were produced by diamonds extracted to be sold on the black market to finance insurgencies in the two countries. Besides further environmental harm caused by illegal mining, society will not add to the demand for recently mined goods only by purchasing second-hand pieces.

If you are ever in a position to purchase new jewelry containing diamonds, be sure to ask for proof that they have been sustainably mined.

• The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme

Sellers of new products use one such technique to ensure that they sell ethical pieces of jewelry.

Browse a range of PRE-owned jewelry

If you’re interested in investing in second-hand jewelry, why not search our wide and varied range here at Mallard? Our collection includes many timeless products, including rings, pendants, bracelets, and other things that are uncommon in today’s markets, in beautiful designs. Contact London Gold Centre to Sell Gold Jewellery in London today! Hope you love reading “Second-hand Jewellery”

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