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February 8, 2022

Smart Home Hubs Worth the Buy

We see Smart Home Hubs becoming increasingly common around the country, but what does this device really do? Well, before we get into that, you probably already know well enough about smart home devices. They connect to the home Wi-Fi network and are controllable through smartphone applications and even voice-enabled control via voice assistants. They practically change your ordinary home into a smart home.

A Smart Home Hub is essentially one single device that connects all smart home devices to you. Different manufacturers, different kinds of smart home devices, all connected to this one tablet resembling device that lets you control your smart devices from anywhere! You could be at the office and turn on your thermostat heating so that the house is warm by the time you’re home. Or control three different smart bulbs from 3 different manufacturers at the exact same time. Super convenient, right?

Here are some Smart Home Hubs that are brilliant, easy to navigate and definitely worth the buy.


  1. Google Nest Hub (2nd generation)

Retail price $99.99

As we already mentioned, most Smart Home Hubs resemble a tablet – except these can do much more than what a tablet is meant for. In Google Nest Hub Max Z Wave technology is what makes the device work so efficiently, integrating all smart devices within a household and easy to control over them from practically wherever you are. Z-wave, for your information, is a wireless mesh technology that is similar to how Wi-Fi works.

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The Nest Hub works best with other Google Nest smart devices, like the Google Nest Cams, Nest Thermostats, Video Doorbells, etc. But they also work just fine with other smart devices from different manufacturers. The device can sync to your Google calendar, setting all the reminders that you would need in the foreseeable future, and serves as a great photo display screen in the room.

Here’s what else the Nest Hub can do, however. It lets you connect all your other smart devices within your home to a single hub. Which means, where you would ideally take out your smartphone to switch off the smart lights or call out to the Google Nest Thermostat to turn down the thermostat, the Nest Hub lets you skip all that, providing users with quick access to their devices on its screen.


  1. Echo Show 10

Retail price $249

This particular Smart Home Hub uses ZigBee technology, one that is also a wireless network that works just like Wi-Fi, connecting all your devices together. And that is precisely what the Echo Show 10 does – connects all smart home devices, from different manufacturers to one place, providing users with easy access and control of any and all smart home devices within the household.

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One thing about the Echo Show 10 is that it features a built-in Alexa, that not only lets you enable voice control over smart devices that would otherwise not feature the technology, but also allows users to create what is known as ‘Routines’. Routines can be created based on the following factors: voice commands, geolocation based, device-based and even according to the time. It ensures a seamless and smooth operation of all connected smart home devices.


  1. Apple TV 4K

Retail Price $179

ThisSmart Home Hub is different from the other two mentioned above. Rather than having a tablet resembling screen, the Apple TV 4K works with a remote that connects to Apple HomeKit – which is something between a software hub and a traditional one at the same time. Even if you do not get the Apple TV box, the remote is enough to do the work! All you have to do is command Siri to carry out whatever it is that you need to do. With the addition of the Apple TV box, not only do users get the complete HomeKit experience, but the box also brings with it streaming platforms like YouTube, Netflix and Hulu.

The Apple TV 4K hub works seamlessly with any iOS device, whether it is your Apple Watch, iPad, Mac computer or even your iPhone. However, it is not yet on board with working in coordination with other manufacturers of smart devices. So if you have a Phillips Hue smart bulb or a Honeywell Home Smart Thermostat, you may need separate ecosystem hubs that can connect and control these devices. As of recent, it is stated that Apple is onboarding more products so the problem of having a separate ecosystem hub won’t be an issue any longer.

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Who wouldn’t want a Smart Home Hub? Especially those that have multiple smart home devices, if you do not already have one then what are you waiting for? Head on over to FirstEnergy Home’s website and find yourself the Smart Home Hub that suits your home. Imagine having seamless control of all your devices from different manufacturers. How great would that be!


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