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July 9, 2021

Start up, advice for those who want to open a successful one

To open a Start up and obtain significant results within the technology market, it is essential to devise innovative and original business strategies. In fact, to become a successful entrepreneur you do not need particularly important securities or funds, but it is essential to develop a creative and innovative business project that is able to renew or revolutionize your market sector.
However, it must be borne in mind that original thinking alone is not enough to start a successful business: in a broad and variable landscape such as the modern one, a winning leader must be able to plan a detailed business strategy supported by a effective marketing.

What is a start up?

First of all, however, let’s try to explain the meaning of the term start up.
The meaning of start up in its literal translation indicates something that is in its initial phase. In fact, startups are companies in the development phase with innovative projects to feed. The meaning and requirements of the ‘innovative’ ones have been dictated by the 2012 DL Growth 2.0 which allows you to benefit from a subsidized regime.
However, it must be specified that not all newly founded companies are startups. Its meaning refers primarily to a company that is still young and with little capital geared to the development of innovative projects. The foundation of a startup can be linked to the world of the internet, crafts and manufacturing, industry, social issues: the important thing is to have ideas to sell.
In a certain sense, a startup is a company placed at the initial stage of its life cycle and looking for resources and financing for its own development.

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Financing of start-ups

In addition to the meaning of startup, it is important to examine the Italian situation in this regard. In fact, one of the problems that a nascent startup has to deal with in Italy is that of financing. The resources to grow the company can be found through calls from institutional bodies or by resorting to venture capital: risky investments of capital profused in particularly promising projects, such as those of possible startups. Further possibilities are offered by startup incubators, which allow to speed up the growth of new businesses by providing services and useful knowledge for those who are trying to set up their own project. Another possibility that can be taken into consideration is to develop a crowdfunding start up project.

Tips for building a successful business

Identify an original business idea

First of all it is important to identify a creative and winning idea: this is certainly the first step to open a successful Startup. Innovative thinking is undoubtedly an indispensable tool for new entrepreneurial activities with the aim of positioning themselves positively within their sector. To do business and determine a concrete business idea it is necessary to recognize a need, a need or a problem of your target audience and try to solve it: planning new products or optimizing those already on the market is undoubtedly a good starting point for try to produce something original and modern. A particularly effective technique for determining successful ideas is brainstorming,an innovative and creative scheme that allows you to analyze multiple proposals, easily determining the most exclusive ones not yet on the market.

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Make a detailed business plan

To open a successful Startup it is necessary to devise a specific and detailed project in which to summarize all the business information necessary to start your own business. How to make a winning and convincing business plan? A decent business plan does not have to be particularly long and must present all business data in a simple, intuitive and concise way. The business plan is not only a tool to direct one’s business and determine internal objectives, but it is the document with the aim of convincing investors and lenders about the uniqueness and effectiveness of one’s business idea.

Think about how to get funding for your business

Opening a Startup does not only mean identifying an innovative idea: planning the methodologies for obtaining financing is undoubtedly the most concrete and difficult part of the start-up phase of a new business. There are several solutions to start a business: self-finance with own funds, find Financial Investors or Venture Capitalists, rely on a startup incubator or use crowdfunding platforms. To start a winning business you also need to calculate the risks. Every winning entrepreneur should calculate his own break even point in order to structure a concrete and winning action plan.

Do not rush

When a Startup does not have the resources to finance itself, it must necessarily turn to external investors, but, as is known, requesting economic resources is not a simple activity: it is necessary to present a detailed business plan and highlight the concretely innovative characteristics of one’s idea. Building a relationship of trust with your investors can prove to be a fundamental activity for obtaining trust and resources: it is advisable not to request direct financing during the first meeting, but to try to establish a relationship of mutual respect.

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Get feedback

An innovative idea is not the only tool needed to open a winning Startup, an indispensable activity to compare with your target market is sharing your business idea with the target audience: the opinions of potential customers can turn out to be one fundamental tool for optimizing one’s services / products, for aligning one’s proposal with current market demands and for actively promoting the image of one’s corporate brand.

Don’t stop optimizing your business

A successful entrepreneur is able to think about the potential improvements of his business already during the initial creation phase: constantly identifying margins for progress regarding his business proposal is essential not only for companies that are already well structured, but also for startups in start-up phase. Building a relationship of trust with your target audience is an indispensable activity in order to optimize your products / services in order to increase company profits.


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