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December 24, 2021

The stock market has declined for a number of reasons

Investors should be concerned most about the regulatory measures the government has imposed on the market, rather than COVID-19 in Fujian. As part of its public consultation process on what rules casino concession holders should follow in order to operate their businesses, the Macau government will ask the public for its feedback between 15 September and 29 October.

According to the market sentiment, it appears that these concessions will be renewed at the end of June 2022. According to Wooricasino, however, the concession rules may differ from those in place at the moment. There are press reports that state authorities have proposed reducing the number of gaming concessions from six to two, strengthening regulation, and perhaps even limiting the amount of dividends that Macao’s gambling enterprises can distribute.

Despite the fact that no new regulations have been announced today, we still do not know what the final plan will be. It would appear that investors are not satisfied with the message they are receiving at the moment, though. Further to this, there is the uncertainty regarding the implementation of regulations that may limit revenue as well as future growth in Macau, As well as the uncertainty regarding concessions. It should be noted that we are not aware of any potential regulations in the future that could limit Macao’s revenue.

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In order for Macao’s gaming industry to grow, it must take advantage of the upcoming months. As a result of COVID-19 and the current bear market in which all of these securities are currently trading, concessions for all of them need to be granted under favorable conditions, which means that further restrictions could cause a further drop in their prices.


There are a lot of things that can go wrong for Las Vegas Sands since the company recently sold all of its US operations to place a bet on Asia, specifically Macau. In Macao, where Melco Resorts got its start, the company generates a significant portion of its revenues. In the case of a downturn in Macao’s gaming industry, Wynn Resorts, which operates two casinos in the city, could suffer huge losses.

As a result of the fact that MGM still derives the majority of its revenues from gambling activities in the United States and has only a little more than half of its Macao operations under its control, it cannot be considered a member of this group. MGM Resorts International is the stock that has the lowest operational risk among these four stocks because of its location in Macao.

I would like to conclude by saying that

What are the new restrictions that are going to be implemented according to the news coming out of Macao? The Chinese government has cracked down on 우리카지노 in China, which could hurt Macao gaming stocks.

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Tourism experienced a decline following the pandemic. Casinos are increasingly using sports betting to diversify their revenue streams and increase revenue. After the Supreme Court ruled that sports betting is legal outside of Nevada in 2018, a number of states passed legislation allowing businesses to operate brick-and-mortar sportsbooks, online and mobile sports betting applications.



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