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April 12, 2022

Tips for choosing the perfect hat for your summer wardrobe

The hat is probably the most visible element of your outfit. It protects us against the harsh rays of the sun and bad weather and brings an exceptional touch to your style. Over time, this accessory has gradually established itself in the field of ready-to-wear. Whatever the style or the occasion, you are bound to find a hat to put on.

The different shapes of hats to know

Of course, the headgear has known many forms and transformations since its creation. In order not to mention them all, we will focus in this part on the current models that we are likely to come across the most.

The top hat

From its invention in the 1800, Men’s top hats quickly became the sensation of social evenings. It is without a doubt the most chic hat a man can wear. True social marker of the bourgeois man of the XIX century, it confers a certain elegance, which it makes appear larger. At that time, wearing a top hat conveys a certain message – I am respectable, I am rich, and I have a high social rank.

The boater

It is a hat with an oval cap and a flat crown. It can have a more or less wide brim. It appeared in the 19th century in France, forming part of the uniform of French sailors embarked on canoes. It entered its second life at the beginning of the 20th century and became a fashion item. It is one of the rare hats to have been worn by the popular milieu and the bourgeoisie.

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The fedora

It is the classic among the classics. Popularized from the 19th century, it has taken on different connotations throughout history, including that of a gangster accessory. With its split crown and wide brims, it is instantly recognizable. Giuseppe, Italian hatter, is partly responsible for this craze.

The Panama

We could be wrong, but the Panama does not come from the eponymous country but from Ecuador. It is not strictly speaking a hat shape but a material and a weaving of young shoots of Ecuadorian palm trees. Thus, it can be declined in all forms. Entirely woven by hand, there are three assembly qualities – Panama Cuenca, Panama Brais and Panama Monetarist.


The pork pie

Very popular in the 1930, it came back to the fore. Its crown is flat but is distinguished by a slight circular crucible on its end. With a low crown, its edge is short and slightly raised. In felt or straw, it is relatively easy to wear.

The trilby

It mixes two shapes, that of the fedora (designed in the same way) and the pork pie, due to its very short edge. It was very fashionable in the 80, it has been somewhat forgotten to come back very recently.

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The bowler

Immediately recognizable, the bowler hat is distinguished by its rounded shape. Rather simple, it can be worn in many outfits, from the most dressy to the most casual. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was mainly found in formal and elegant dressing rooms, whereas it was originally designed in a relaxed spirit.

What is the perfect material?

Choosing a hat for the summer can also be a matter of style and personal experience since if we choose a hat with which we do not look good, in the end we will stop wearing it. We must avoid felt and wool and bet on breathable and light vegetable fibers, which do not give heat or increase sweat.


Straw is one of the most traditional and classic materials in headgear. The plant from which it is obtained is dried in the sun for several days, thus achieving the appropriate color and texture. In the section of hats, straw will predominate in its different versions.

Choose a hat: According to his face

Each face has its hat shape. In short, to know if a hat suits us or not, it is better to know the shape of its face. As a reminder, there are seven main face shapes – round, rectangular, square, oval, oblong, triangle, inverted triangle, and diamond.

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We will favor a hat with a short brim for a thin face because the opposite will accentuate its finesse. Conversely, opt for a wide-brimmed hat for a round face. An oval face will have the privilege of being able to wear almost any hat shape, as long as a certain balance is respected. It is all about balance and proportion


According to its morphology

Surprisingly, our morphology also comes into play when it comes to choosing a hat. If you are small, it is better to choose a hat with a short brim. Conversely, tall people prefer wide-brimmed hats. We will choose a hat with a high crown for a small person and a medium to low crown for a tall person. It is also advisable to choose hats with a wide brim to reduce the effect of protruding ears.


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