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July 30, 2021

Top 5 Augmented Reality Mobile App Games That shook the world

Augmented Reality is all about the magical technology that connects the virtual world with the real world. With artificial intelligence, technologies are becoming more promising than ever before. Back ten years, did you ever think that fantasy stories, imaginations, and visual reality might all come true? Today, virtual Reality has radically altered the conventional gaming experience. It opened the doors of opportunities for developers worldwide. As technology is revolving everyday Augmented reality Mobile app games are not stay behind. The truth is that we cannot separate virtual Reality from the real world.

Let’s shed light on top augmented reality games in 2021

Ar Mobile games

Pokémon Go

It will be unfair if we don’t put Pokémon Go as the top first player in the gaming world. Don’t believe us? Let’s check the facts and figures. According to Statista, Pokémon was the best video games seller with more than 31.38 million units as of December 2020. Now just look at the peak of this game. Isn’t it enough evidence that these AR Mobile App games have high popularity around the globe?

It doesn’t matter if you are an IOS lover or Android user; you can still enjoy your favorite game on both platforms. The most exciting thing about this adventurous game is that a player can observe the interesting virtual objects while sitting at their launch. Isn’t it exciting? All you need to do is to wear an AR headset and capture the different Pokémon around you.

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Ingress Prime

There is a lot of buzz about the Ingress prime AR game in the market. This tremendous game went through a massive change in a couple of last few years. In this AR game, a player enters into the new virtual environment and experiences several unique portals. Fun start when you hack the portal for your team while stopping the opposing team not to do the same. Isn’t it interesting? by choosing your game, you begin the whole fun ride. The more portal your team will capture, the more it becomes powerful.

Ingress Prime is quite an entertaining AR game to play with your friends. You can interact with the neighborhood and complete a mission together. It has an inbuilt ingress scanner, allowing you to connect the real environment into the virtual gaming atmosphere. To win the game, all you need to do is spend some time learning the tactics of the game.

Get out of your bed and explore the world around you.

Zombie’s Run

Run in the real world and become the hero in the other world is what Zombies is about. In this tremendous running game, a player plays as a Runner 5. A player goes through the different missions by listening to the instructions and exploring the game’s stories. Doesn’t it seem attractive? Not only this, but you can also collect several supplies that make you a strong player and help you in survival. You just have to run and collect the items.  Zombies aren’t just a fun game but also a healthy one that makes you a habitual running. Keeping you in good shape is the primary focus of this game. Hence, you may call it a fitness game also. Zombies’ app also records the time, distance, calories you burned, and more by simply using your mobile’s GPS. Moreover, it is a hands-free game as it is based on your physical moves.

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Along with all of this, supplies you collect during the running will benefit you to move to the next level. The more collections you get, the more introduce as a healthy player. Apart from this, by playing zombies, you will no more be a couch potato. One good augmented reality solution provider will assist you in inventing such games. All these positive aspects are clear evidence that these augmented reality Mobile app games are the future of a healthy society.

Get ready for another mission that you don’t know about.

Camera Spirit

Have you ever observed the existence of ghosts? No? play the Camera Spirit to have an enjoyable haunted experience. We just love the idea of this game. If you have Phasmophobia, we will recommend not to play this game. Now specific questions may bustle in your mind. Like what you have to do? What are ghosts doing in this game? Or it may be anything else. Don’t worry; we got your back. In this augmented reality game, you introduce the environment that has ghosts all around you. You have to protect yourself from those ghosts as they attack you. Hey, not in Reality but a virtual world. It is the beauty of these Mobile app games that it makes you feel connected with the virtual world.

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So, you must have 3D Camera Obscura’s capabilities to fight with these spirits. You can easily defeat them by L and R photographing buttons. As the zombie run’s game, you have to run in this game too. A player must be move in all directions to hit the ghost. A ghost can suddenly vanish in front of you or may stand behind you. So, it’s necessary to stay focused in all areas around.

You may consider this game a blessing or curse because you are able to make a ghost appear in the real world. The best part of this game is that it has a story that puts you in an iconic haunted house. It works in 3D motion that means a ghost can appear from any side.  This game is a fantastic example of how we connect with another world.

Harry Potter

After inviting the ghosts into the natural environment, get ready to welcome wizards and muggles into your life. The game is easy to play by simply hitting the wizards using your smartphones and GPS. Something is attractive in every AR game. What is the exciting fact about this game? Well, the surprising thing is that a player can choose his favorite harry potter characters. What more? You can also select the virtual house you want to play in. there are much more to explore in this game. Once you get in, you will receive a pocket full of surprises.

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Augmented Reality- The Future is Now!

Technology is taking a central place in our daily lives. Everything we do, from working to playing, there is a touch of Augmented Reality. 3D graphics are all around us, and it changes the way we use smartphones. It gets even more interesting when the game development firms are introducing innovations every day. Today, technology changed the history of the gaming world. If you want to start your career with one of the outstanding games mentioned above, get in touch with a top development firm today. From the world full of tech experts, Top Mobile App Development company,  Cubix is one of them that can help you bring more innovations.

What are you waiting for? Wear AR headsets and fix your eyes on a future of mind-blowing entertainment.


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