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February 27, 2022

Top 8 Games Like Path of Exile – Best Demon and Monster Killing Games

Games Like Path of Exile – Read about best horror, demon & monster-killing games of all time. Fight and kill undead creatures to save the whole world.


Introduction toGames Like Path of Exile
Details aboutSimilar Games
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Introduction toGames Like Path of Exile

Path of Exile is free to play the RPG game which is released for many different platforms. Its huge open-world game is created by getting a lot of ideas from the Diablo series. Players control a single character and fight with monsters, different types of creatures, and much more in caves, some random locations for completing quests by different NPC. The game map outside some main component is a fully open world and randomly generated for you.

Players can choose from 7 different classes and also there are different attributes of every single class. Every class is completely different from others because of their skill level, way of playing, and much more. Another important feature of this game is items that are randomly generated everywhere in-game. In simple words, there is a huge collection of items which player can collect from different locations, by killing monsters and much more.

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The player can get higher levels with time in this game, by defeating dangerous creatures all over the map, completion of quests are common methods. Players can use some items like health potions to increase their health lines which can damage from fighting with everyone. There are some leagues created for this game which are different from each other. In standard mode, players who die can easily respawn to the last visited city. In hardcore players, cant respawn back but sent to very past time. Solo Self Found forces players to craft their own items and almost live their own life because they can’t do trading with anyone.

Over 10 different expansion packs are created for this game. Some of them can include new maps, missions, others can add a completely new story, and almost every expansion increase and provide some value to this game, making it better to play. The game receives very positive reviews and becomes the best game of the year after launch.

Details aboutSimilar Games

1- Diablo 3

Consider Diablo 3 as one of best games like Path of Exile because all ideas used in PE are mostly collected from this game. Diablo 3 is a very amazing and popular game that was sold over 3 million times after 1st release in 24 hours. Diablo 3 made a record of fasted selling games of all time.

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The concept in this game is similar, you must explore a huge unknown world, kill monsters, and creatures of different types. Increase your level and get more strength to fight more powerful enemies. On every level, there is a completely different structure, a lot of enemies and some of them are so much powerful. Player needs to focus on getting the most dangerous swords, other weapons and increase level because every next part of the game is more difficult for the player. All swords and normal weapons which player is using to kill monsters in starting round may not work after completion of 2,3 levels.

In Diablo 3, the player can create some different hardcore characters but they cant be resurrected. If anyone of them is dead, there are no options to play them again. There are 2 different types of Artisans in-game which are NPC. The player can use them for trade, crafting of different items in-game.

2- Wolcen – Lords of Mayhem

The best alternative to the Path of Exile where players must fight different monsters on randomly-generated maps. You may find too much similarity in this game compared to other games of the same type. It looks like developers of this game just try to mix up a lot of data from all similar type games.

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Some players consider this game very easy to play. It means most of the enemies can just die with 1 hit by the player. remember, similar to other games they create some of the very dangerous enemies who are like a boss in this game. The world created for this game is very awesome and real HD graphics are involved which can help players enjoy without worrying about stupid graphics.

After completion of the campaign, there is a reward that can unlock another mode. Now they out in charge of the city which needed to rebuild. This time you may be able to play this game completely in different styles. You can simply understand that this game is not a complete success like other games of the same type.

3- Titan Quest

Titan Quest is a perfect alternative to games like the Path of Exile. Gameplay in this game is almost similar to Diablo-style. The main character of this game is on a quest to defeat the most powerful titans which are released in ancient Egypt, China, and Greece. It was released for different platforms and also 3 more expansions are created later after the huge success of the original game.

Players can control this character which can get upgraded with time after defeating enemies, completing quests given by NPC and you may feel like playing Diablo sometimes. Only large difference is different kinds of monsters are used in this game, new types of the quest, and many more graphics are added.

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There are 2 different types of quests in this game. The main story which the player must follow is also there full of quests, other methods to find quests are NPC which you can found in any location you visit. Inside every city or town, there are some NPC that can give you quests and also provide you with the chance to purchase different game items. Sometimes there are weak enemies which player can defeat easily but most dangerous enemies known as titan are hard to defeat.

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4- Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn is very similar to Titan Quest because it uses the same engine for basics. They build large fantasy world where one of the most powerful human empires is destroyed by some dangerous creatures. They almost wiped out most of the human race from the earth. This land now becomes a conflict zone between 2 large monster empires who are using remaining humans for resources against each other before no one left to serve them.

This all destruction which humans are facing in their own mistake. A long time ago, they were in contact with something new being. They tried to control it with some experiments and open a portal to bring one of these being to the human world. Humans were able to discover that being can control the human mind and that particular humans can become powerful compare to others.

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But as you know this type of experiment can always go wrong. That being was out of control when humans bring more of the same type to their world. Now all of this being open some other portals and get more of their kind. Its time when everything is completely out of humans hand. In their world now there are 2 different unknown species, one is trying to use them and others wants to wipe them out completely.

5- Seven – The Days Long Gone

A very popular game which is itself a large experiment. You may not be able to see these many genres are added in one game like strategy, action, space world, stealth, and more. The main character is a thief who is trying to search for some kind of mystery ship. One ancient voice is guiding him about what he must do in-game.

In this game, there are no different classes but thieves just act like a career where players must complete some main core quests or some side missions. Too much of intelligence and strategy is involved. For example, there is one object locked in the building guarded by police force. Now it’s your mission to steal it without creating any major problems on the scene, it involves too much stealth and careful thinking to complete these missions.

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Some players claim that its not a strategy game like others. But stealing items from different locations and also complete many quests is very important which required carefully planned strategy thinking. Players cant get their character upgraded in game-like other similar type games. But there are some other methods which can unlock more skills for players after progressing through the game.

6- Victor Vran

Victor Vran is another game similar to the Path of Exile where the main character of the game arrived in a city to fight with some unknown demons. It was released for different platforms over time and receives a lot of different positive reviews which can help players understand how much it’s popular and perfect.

In Victor Vran, the whole map is normally divided into different large areas known as districts. Too many different dungeons and hidden places are everywhere. There are 5 different challenges in each area in which players must complete to receive some rewards. Each location is separate from different settings, difficulty levels, and too many changes from each other. Monsters and demons are also different and may require different levels of character to fight in different places.

Items are randomly generated in-game and also some of them are crafted by players. You may already know that these games are always required some kind of items to help the player in many ways like upgrading their level, potions, skills, and more. Some different kinds of DLC make this game really cool by adding some new weapons, characters, and maps.

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7- Vikings – Wolves of Midgard

The huge open-world game which is similar to the Path of Exile and Diable. You must explore large world which could be Viking cities, some tombs and different locations all over the world. Create a character similar to other games and start playing the main game quest. But some other side quests are also created which can help you a lot.

Game support both single and multiplayer. It allows you to play online with friends and family using a LAN network system. Some of the hunt missions are also part of the game where the player must kill a certain number of enemies. Its a different kind of game where you can collect blood, wood, and iron instead of different items from chests and win as a reward by killing monsters.

The village is the most important part of this game. You can get upgrades by unlocking different features in the village. Woods and Iron are the most important resources which you always need to make your village upgraded.

8- Torchlight II

Torchlight II is a perfect example if you are looking for game-like paths of Exile. A lot of features in-game are similar to Diablo too where you need to choose from one of 4 different characters classes. Explore different dungeons, fight with monsters of many kinds, get experience, and also a lot of loot to improve your weapons and levels.

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Unlike previous games in series, some new important features are added in this game. Day cycles, weather effects, and also some weapons are now only available for fixed character classes. Multiplayer is also allowed for this game where up to 6 players can compete and their loot is always equally divided for them. Game receievs too many awesome reveiws fromn almost every famous gaming platform. They also plan for some sequal of this game but it w

Top Posts On the Same Topic

We suggest 2 different articles to our users which are written on the same topic. There are 11 games which are explained perfectly and the article is written by Gamers Decide. You can read about 10 games on Ordinary Reviews. Both are very popular sites where you can find too many different articles about games.

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Conclusion for Games Like Path of Exile

It’s true that the Diablo series is always best if we talk about some Strategy, horror, RPG style games. Path of Exile uses some of the concepts from Diablo but there are many features that are making it better than some other games. Player can create a character from different classes and its important that all of these classes are perfectly better than some of the above games.

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Many games are also available which are also similar to the Path of Exile. You can find some of them by visiting the above-given links to similar articles. By reading this article, you can understand that most features are almost the same in all games. Creating a character, fighting monsters in open world, a lot of quests, and many more.

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