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April 22, 2022

Ultra-Premium Vodka – What’s All the Fuss About?

If you’re looking for a new ultra-premium vodka, you’ve probably already heard of Au Vodka. This wheat-neutral spirit is inspired by the yellow metal. In addition to its gold-like color, it also has a faint cereal character. So what’s all the fuss about? Read on to discover more about this new ultra-premium vodka. If you’re not yet a fan, you’ll be once you’ve read this article.

Au Vodka is an ultra-premium vodka

Au Vodka, the company behind the luxury spirits brand, is an example of this trend. Developed from the luxury ingredients of Britain, the ultra-premium vodka is sold with gilded merchandise, providing the consumer with an unmatched experience. Au Vodka’s direct-to-consumer online presence has seen explosive growth, but the brand is now facing the challenge of chargebacks and product loss due to high fraud rates.

The brand’s mission is to create a vodka that has the finest ingredients available and has a unique taste. In order to create this vodka, the company combines the heritage of Britain with the luxury ingredients of the modern world. Au Vodka’s Premium Vodka is made from the finest grain grown in the English countryside, combined with pristine spring water and filtered through gold. With its subtle flavouring, Au Vodka can be enjoyed neat, or mixed in a martini.

  • It is inspired by gold
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AU Vodka is a triple-distilled spirit with a name inspired by gold, which also happens to be a compound. This cocktail spirit is made with a wheat neutral spirit and is packaged in a tall, shapely gold bottle. Its flavor is smooth and full of vanilla with a subtle hint of spice. This sour cocktail spirit is a perfect companion to the Midas Martini, a classic cocktail combining gold and lemon.

The inspiration behind Au Vodka came from the periodic table of elements, which contains gold’s atomic number, Au. The company sought to combine the luxurious ingredients used in making gold with its British heritage. The gold bottle helps to differentiate this premium spirit from others. This ultra-premium vodka has a smooth taste and a distinctive flavour, making it perfect for martinis. Its packaging and logo design make it stand out in an otherwise boring bottle.

It is made from a wheat neutral spirit

Wheat neutral spirit is a byproduct of wine production. It can be distilled to a high alcohol content by using a distillation process. The result is a grain neutral spirit with good quality. Wheat neutral spirit can be used in cocktail recipes, as a base for chilled shots and even on its own. This type of vodka is often used in the food industry as well as in the pharmaceutical and perfumery industries.

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Historically, neutral spirits have been made from grains. Unlike other distilled spirits, grain neutral spirits have no discernible taste. They are produced through the distillation process of corn, wheat, barley, and rye. The neutrality of the grain spirit makes it ideal for many types of alcohol. These spirits can be distilled again or rectified by retaining the middle part. However, if a specific spirit has a distinct flavour, it may be dangerous to consume.

It has a faint cereal character

The name Au Vodka derives from the periodic table of elements. Au is latin for Gold, and it means “gold.” The atomic number of gold is 79, and the flavor of Au Vodka is somewhat faint. The gold filtration process does not change the flavour of the distilled spirit. The result is a slightly sweet and delicate taste that pairs well with your favorite drinks. The vodka is not too sweet, and is great on its own or in martinis.

Whether you drink it straight or over ice, Au vodka has a delicate cereal character. The flavour is mild and not overpowering, and the drink is often paired with lemonade for a refreshing drink. Another version is the Fruit Punch, which has a sweet and tangy blend of natural fruit flavours and juices. This cocktail is perfect for a hot summer’s day. Alternatively, you can try the classic Russian cocktail, the Cosmos, which is a popular summertime drink.

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