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August 27, 2021

What is Digital Marketing? What is Digital Marketing 2021

What is Digital Marketing? What is Digital Marketing 2021

what is digital marketing
Digital marketing is a medium through which we can promote or sell any product or service online. These days, people do a lot of online research, whether it is to buy a Vastu or a service, whether it is to buy a house or a cake, they mostly do online research through mobile or computer. Undoubtedly, the Internet plays an important role in digitizing all the platforms. About 80-90% of the people access most of the services through digital medium such as online shopping, ticket booking, bill payment, phone recharge, online transactions and much more. Now the question arises that what is digital marketing?

What is digital marketing
What is digital marketing

Selling your services and products online through a digital source is called digital marketing, in which the Internet plays a very important role. This is an effective way to reach new customers online and hence it is also called online marketing. It took a long time to implement it completely. In 1980, some initiatives were taken which did not succeed. So in 1990, it was tried again and digital marketing was successful. Whether it is a sole trader, small entrepreneur or a large company, digital marketing helps to reach the most and right people in less time. That’s why this is a new technology by which more people can be reached.

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What is the importance of digital marketing?

all about digital marketing
To survive in this modern world, we should use new methods, among which there is also digital marketing which is used extensively with the help of internet. People also have less time and less willingness and ability to discuss marketing activities. Actually, finding time to meet people is not easy. On the other hand, digital marketing and online marketing through social networking sites enable a person to make connections with other people, while doing other activities. Considering this convenience, cost effective and less time, the use of digital marketing is increasing day by day.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing enables both the businessman and the customer to work with utmost convenience. People can increase the sales of their business products and services without going to the market. Google anything and find what you’re looking to buy. In short, digital marketing-

  • saves time
  • saves money
  • enhances effectiveness
  • gives measurable results
  • Matches buyers and sellers easily

In short, digital marketing is the only source through which better results can be brought in less cost and less time.

Present and future demand for digital marketing
importance of digital marketing
We have seen a lot of changes in the last few years and all these changes are universal. There was a time when the product or service was sold through barter and now these days, everything is available online through internet.

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Internet has given a wonderful platform to the people living in the world to connect with each other, which was not possible earlier. Internet is the only medium due to which good harmony can be created between the seller and the customer through regular conversation.

The effectiveness of digital marketing can be seen in the rapid sale of products and services. Earlier, manufactured products were kept in the godowns for a long time and kept on rotting as they could not be sold on time. Offline advertisements were used to sell products, which were very expensive and the advertisement reached only a few people. Those ads were not effective according to their value. These days it is not so, with the help of various search engines like Google, Facebook, YouTube etc. the reach is more and more reasonable. The product is now more and more visible to the right people. Due to online delivery, they can be delivered to the right people immediately and the payment can be received online. So no physical presence is required and all the work can be done easily through digital sources.

With cost back, convenient replacement and return policy, it is more effective to sell products. Digital marketing is based on a popular line – “What you see sells”. People are so much aware these days that no seller or businessman can disclose any wrong information in this web world. With the help of cyber policies, the search engine can block false profiles if any customer or viewer complains.


In future also business will be based on online visibility and overall efficiency. Actually, due to renewal and modernization, people will be able to get the right products and services with the right information at the right time.

Multiple aspects of digital marketing:

Digital Marketing Facts
Any digital marketing is not possible without internet and for this reason it is called “Internet Marketing”. Its purpose is to sell products and products online and that is why it is also known as “online marketing”. Digital marketing is not based on a single model or strategy, it is a combination of multiple technical and non-technical activities which are:-

  • search engine optimization
  • social media optimization
  • email marketing
  • Video Promotion and YouTube Marketing
  • affiliate marketing
  • pay per click
  • Online Reputation Management
  • App Promotion
  • digital marketing in Hindi

SEO: This is a technological resource in which the website is optimized using the right keywords by the search engine algorithm. SEO is a combination of a lot of on-page and off-page activities which helps in bringing the website to the first page of the search engines and also helps in bringing more traffic to the website and proper business leads. In short, its function helps in enhancing the overall performance of the website.

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SMO: Social media is the only source through which a lot of people get a chance to stay connected through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and other sites. All these sites are now used for business promotion and marketing. Advertisers can promote their business products and services with the help of demonstrative advertisements which are visible to the user after some time interval. This is a unique way to reach more people and bring more business in less cost.
Email Marketing: Its function is to get information about the company’s products in the inbox of your mail. Whenever a company starts a new product or service, or comes out with a new offer, it considers it more appropriate to send all this information by mail because it can reach a lot of people at once. This is also the best way of marketing.

Promotion of videos: If we talk about the promotion of videos, then YouTube is the only medium through which we can promote products and services in a good way because these videos have a high amount of traffic. Displaying advertisements on these YouTube videos or promoting through the videos may encourage viewers and users to purchase products and services. In short, it is a great source of branding.

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Affiliate Marketing: Do you remember marketing with mouth-to-mouth praise? Affiliate marketing is also some kind of marketing by which every affiliate marketer gets some profit on every sale. If you have a YouTube medium of your own or a blog website that has more traffic, then you can also put a link to the advertiser’s product in those mediums on it and get some profit on every sale.

PPC and Pay Per Click: It takes some time to generate organic results whereas PPC is a source through which any marketer can get a business lead instantly on payment of every click. This modulus takes some payment on every click and it is also easy to measure the business generated by it. Beginner merchants use PPC services only to get instant leads in the beginning and grow the business further.
ORM and Online Reputation Management: It is not enough to build a website and bring it to the top position. It is also important to have complete and positive online visibility. A negative review or feedback may impair the performance of the website. Therefore, it is also important to be aware of the services of ORM as it helps to brand the business in a positive way and repels negative reviews.

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App Marketing: App is the only source through which you can stay in anyone’s mobile phone for a long time and he can buy his services at any time. The usage of the app is increasing day by day. If any one gets rich well then he makes app and promotes business through it like other business do like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, etc.

How can digital marketing be marketed through other sources?

sources of digital marketing
It takes more time and money to market your site. To reduce the cost of this marketing and to bring good results, digital marketing can also be used through other sources.

By sending company brochure or information booklet through newsletter
By putting your content or advertising on the website which has more traffic
By following the attribution model, through which the information of the website with more traffic and more profit can be taken. With the help of some online tools, the interest of the customers can be known.
Whatever you do online, we should try to take the help of ethical paths so that trust can be built for a long time. If you are serving your clients well, then our clients will stay for a long time at a good growth rate. It is the duty of every online business to maintain such credibility that the customer buys the product as soon as he sees his advertisement.

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Digital marketing is a low-cost and time-saving source of marketing, with the help of which the business can be increased. It maintains a better and direct rapport between the seller and the customer. Digital marketing is a unique pursuit of modernity. So use it well and implement it effectively and ethically. Happy Digitization!

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